buffy: i can just tell something is wrong. my spider-sense is tingling.
giles: your spider sense?
buffy: pop culture reference. sorry.


xander: i laugh in the face of danger. then i hide until it goes away.


giles: if your identity as the slayer is revealed it could put you and all those around you in grave danger.

buffy: well, in that case i won’t wear my button that says «i’m the slayer. ask me how!».


giles: i’m, i’m gonna stay and clean up a little. i’ll, uh, i’ll be back in the middle ages.

ms. calendar: did you ever leave?


buffy: harmony’s a vampire? she must be dying without a reflection


professor maggie walsh: so, the slayer.
buffy: yeah, that’s me.
professor maggie walsh: we thought you were a myth.
buffy: well, you were myth-taken.


willow: in high school, knowledge was pretty much frowned upon. you really had to work to learn anything. but here, i mean, the energy, the collective intelligence – it’s like the force, this penetrating force; i can feel my mind just opening up, you know, letting the place just thrust into it and… spurt knowledge… into…. that sentence ended up in a different place than it started out it.


2 Responses to “wwbd”

  1. 1 strangerinsweden september 12, 2006, kl. 9:09 pm

    Min favoritt er også min personlige slogan: She saved the world. A lot. (inskripsjonen på Buffys gravsten, 6 sesong)

  2. 2 ellen september 13, 2006, kl. 11:10 am

    det sitatet er jo hele serien i et nøtteskall. glimrende!

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